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We were living the life! Wake up every day just to smoke weed and use up all of the creative juice we had. We almost forgot we had responsibilities except that the two most important ones cry when they want something.

I spent three days with Snoop Dogg.
First of all, he is the most humble, down to earth guy I think I have met thus far. I remember walking in and feeling so at peace and at home in his studio. It was nothing different to me than being in the studio with any artist except this one was a little more exciting because I knew he could potentially help get us more recognized.
“Good afternoon Snoop. My name is Zigg Zagg. I am one of the baddest female artists alive. If you ever need a talented female on a song, I got you.”
“I know who you are. I am a big fan. I will get you on something before you leave.” Said Snoop.
I told him OK.
I was 100% prepared to be ready if he did actually ask me to be on a song. Every song he played and they all wrote to, I wrote to also. I wanted to make sure that I could have something ready if this exciting moment came.
For three days, we wrote, smoked and waited for Snoop to wake up from his nap. The watched them play video games and wrote and smoked some more. It was the same life we lived at home but with a few new members. Daz, Corrupt and 40 Glocc were all there for this period of time also.
After three days, we had completed everything we had set out to do. Lynch finally got to work with Snoop. This had been his dream and goal for the last two years at least and I did not stop reaching out until it happened. To this day, I am still not sure if I am the reason Snoop reached out to Lynch or not but I left so many messages, I wouldn’t doubt if I was.
The third day came and went and we were actually leaving with one foot out the door. Snoop woke up just in time and came to see us out the door. “Hey, I wanted to get Zigg Zagg on something before ya’ll left.” Snoop said. Lynch and I were not on the best terms at this point in our relationship but I turned right around and walked back inside the studio. I pulled out all of my different verses that I had wrote and found one to match the beat that he played. It was a match made in Heaven!
I spit the verse and the back track with adlibs in a matter of 20 minutes and he told me he would let me know what he used it for but he felt like it would be the Pussycat dolls or something. I still to this day have never heard it but the experience was unforgettable.